We raise New Zealand rabbits which are the most popular for meat production. They have a well rounded body and small bone structure, resulting in a larger portion of their weight being meat. They produce large litters of 8-14 kits, which have a fast grow rate to fryer size in 10-12 weeks.

Having our New York State licensed 5-A Processing Facility means that we can process our own rabbits and sell them either wholesale or retail. Our rabbits go from the barn to the vacuum sealed bag within a few short hours.This gives our customers the advantage of knowing our rabbit meat is the freshest they can get.

By not having to transport our rabbit to another processing facility gives us the satisfaction of knowing:

            (1) The rabbits did not get stressed out traveling to another location.

            (2) We did not have to wonder what the rabbits were exposed to after being dropped off.

            (3) The cleanliness of another facility.

            (4) It could be a day or longer before getting the meat back. 

                         " If you're going to have a habit, eat some rabbit "


                 Contact us for special cuts, custom processing and bulk orders.

                                                        $9.29 per lbs.

                                               Wholesale pricing available.

            Ranch pickup, local deliveries (per mileage) and shipping via customer.